Zenergy Dog Training, Phoenix AZ

Phoenix Dog Trainer

We do this work because it is so gratifying to improve the quality of life for people and dogs. We pride ourselves on the close connections and intimate bonds we build through our boutique-style training approach.  We give one-on-one attention to each dog and owner with special care for their individual situation.

In order to keep a relaxed atmosphere for the dogs, our unique system strictly limits the number of dogs we train. This low volume personalized touch enables us to give more undivided attention to each dog so we can maximize progress in less time, and create transformations unavailable anywhere else. That’s why we are often the last stop for dog owners who have exhausted every other option.

The key to successful relationships with humans and canines alike, is trust, respect, and direct communication. As such, the Zenergy Way is focused on addressing the humane-canine relationship and the overall state of mind. It’s the state of mind of both K-9 and owner that ultimately leads to a happy, balanced, Zen dog, rather than a dog that simply knows a few obedience commands.

We’re enthusiastic about bringing balance to your human canine relationship by empowering you with our highly effective training approach that mirrors Mother Nature. We consistently deliver results that surpass our clients’ expectations. Can’t wait to connect with you.

Phoenix Dog Trainer - Kalanit Azoulay

Hi everybody, my name is Kalanit “K” Azoulay, founder and owner of Zenergy Dog Training. I have over 15 years experience training and rehabilitating dogs. I grew up surrounded by animals. Since I was a little girl I always felt a deep connection to them and knew my life work would be something involving animals in some way. In my early 20’s I developed a passion for rescuing dogs and spent several years as a foster mama, which is where I started noticing the behavioral issues that so many of the dogs seemed to have in common. Aggression and anxiety seemed to run rampant among these dogs, yet no one really understood or knew how to address them. Many of the dogs would get adopted and returned over and over again because of the same issues. That’s when I turned to my uncle, Sapir Weiss. Master dog trainer out of Santa Rosa, CA, who started the first anti-terrorist canine unit in the Israeli army. I was fascinated by the fact that Sapir was able to rehabilitate so many of the dogs that most people had given up on. I lived and apprenticed with Sapir and eventually gained the knowledge and experience that allowed me to open my own training business and realize my dreams.