Training with Zenergy was the best money ever spent!

9 months ago I adopted Autumn, a 3 year old yorkie wire haired terrier. She was very skittish and afraid of everyone. She finally warmed to me but would not let anyone else pet her. I thought time and love would correct that, but she got to where she was very aggressive if someone tried…   Read more »

If you want lasting results, go to Zenergy!

Over the past 4 years, I have worked with a number of trainers and spent thousands of dollars attempting to correct my dog’s leash aggression. They all fell short of resolving the problem, made promises they couldn’t deliver on and some suggested putting my dog down. K is the only trainer I would trust. Joplin…   Read more »

K and RJ are the best trainers. We are so lucky to have found them!

K and RJ are fantastic trainers. We have a Jack Russell who was very aggressive toward people and anything on four legs. She would viciously guard food, bones, and toys. She would frantically pull on the leash. She was completely out of control, wreaking havoc and chaos in the home. Several trainers refused to train…   Read more »

We could not be happier with the outcome from Zenergy

We could not be happier with the outcome from Zenergy! K is amazing with the pups. Our dog was a rescue (pit boxer mix) and he had some definite fears and anxiety. We wanted him to be calm and not intimidate other people and dogs. After bootcamp with K & RJ – our 4 year…   Read more »

Highly recommend Zenergy Dog Training!

Our miniature schnauzer Max came to us at 8 years old and after a lot of trauma. We tried to make Max as comfortable as possible but his anxiety and fear led to him being very aggressive – often out of no where – with humans, especially men. Max went to RJ and K’s bootcamp…   Read more »

Zenergy was our last hope, and they did the impossible!

We can’t say enough good things about K and RJ at Zenergy. We went through a couple positive reinforcement trainers and it seemed as though things got worse. Our dogs were getting into nasty fights and couldn’t even be in the same room together. We thought we’d have to give one of them up for…   Read more »

Zenergy was the best decision I could have made!

I highly recommend Zenergy dog training! K and RJ are amazing. My 8 month old golden doodle, Lucy, had become very fearful of strangers and I was worried she would eventually bite someone out of fear. Taking her in public had become very difficult. On top of that she had endless energy at home and…   Read more »

I can’t rave enough about Zenergy Dog Training!

I can’t rave enough about Zenergy Dog Training! My husband and I decided to finally get our pit mix properly trained and I am so grateful we did. She had such a hard time being around other dogs when she was on a leash – we had to avoid all of our neighbors walking their…   Read more »

We couldn’t be happier with the results!

We are so happy. Our dog Huey was out of control, displaying extreme fear aggression, and even biting people. We just got him back and he’s a whole new dog. 100% worth it. Because of the incredible transformation that we saw in Huey, we then realized how misbehaved our other aussie, Ember was. So we…   Read more »

A huge thank you to Zenergy Dog Training!

I want to give a huge thank you to Zenergy dog training for making my 8 month old King Charles spaniel a well rounded, well behaved puppy . I brought in my little Katie to Zenergy because she was showing signs of becoming overly needy and protective of me . I have 3 children and…   Read more »

The training is what I describe as a miracle!

I adopted Kady a little over a year ago, I was aware that she had bit a cyclist, possessed other aggressive tendencies, was destructive and had terrible separation anxiety. I thought that if I gave her enough love she would turn around over time. I was extremely mistaken and a year later very little had…   Read more »

Zenergy Dog Training did an amazing job with my rescue!

Zenergy Dog Training did an amazing job with my sweet rescue, Jax. I fell in love with him the moment we met eyes through the wires of his cage at AHS, and I adopted him on the spot. This precious boy was only 8 mo’s old and had been surrendered twice for behavioral issues, which…   Read more »

Could not recommend these folks more!

Our two dogs Bella and Baby Bear were showing some fear/aggression towards some dogs, and generally wanted it their own way. They would run in and out of the house, sometimes escape from our yard to come back hours later. They had also started getting into dog fights when they would get loose. We had…   Read more »

Fortunately I found Zenergy Dog Training!

My dog’s aggression was a hard problem for me to tackle… but fortunately I found Zenergy Dog Training. I serendipitously met them at Whole Foods and just loved their compassionate balanced energy. They were there with a dog that also had dog aggression and human aggression and the dog was amazing. So I did a…   Read more »

K and RJ at Zenergy Dog Training are amazing!

K and RJ at Zenergy Dog Training are amazing! We brought our 1-year old lab puppy, Charlotte, aka Charlie, to Zenergy’s boot camp to help her to learn basic obedience and calm her state of mind. Charlie did not have any aggression issues and basically was a lovable, sweet, but needy girl. She simply was so…   Read more »

We are so very grateful to “K” for all she has done!

We are so very grateful to “K” for all she has done for our sweet, rescue dog, Ruby. Not only is our dog very obedient and knows all the basic commands, but she has made HUGE strides in overcoming her separation anxiety due to K’s wisdom! Ruby’s anxiety was severe but after two weeks of…   Read more »

K has been there for me every step of the way!

What a blessing it is to have a happy, calm, confident 5 month old puppy! I have NEVER been able to enjoy walking a dog… which I do everyday now! I also can take Pepper with me EVERYWHERE and I don’t worry about her behavior. She is a superstar at my son’s school! After puppy…   Read more »

Grateful to have found Zenergy Dog Training!

Zenergy Dog Training located and trained my Autistic son’s service dog. We’ve had Dane with us full time over a month now and couldn’t be happier. She started the process with a comfortable evaluation where she took the time to understand his needs in a service dog and the environment he would be in as…   Read more »

Zenergy Dog Training saved my puppy’s life!

The peace gained in my home as a result of bringing my puppy Auggie to Zenergy Dog Training has been significant. K and R.J. not only trained Auggie but they trained me as well. They gave me the tools I desperately needed to become a strong and confident leader for Auggie and the 2 other…   Read more »

I looked for trust and got it.

As a retired 75 year old Investment Bank Executive I was becoming weaker with my lower extremities from MS which I have had for years. What was it going to be? A walker, cain, or a wheelchair. Being too proud for any of these I was introduced to a dog trainer who specializes in service…   Read more »

K is absolutely the best answer for puppy training!

K is absolutely the best answer for puppy training. My 18 year old daughter came home with a puppy last year. I knew that this puppy was going to get very large and very strong. K worked with both myself and my daughter on how to be empowered leaders. She explained that a puppy without…   Read more »

I am forever grateful and so happy that I found K!

I found two strays, or maybe you could say they found me. One a Husky/Shepherd mix and the other a Queensland Heeler. Both very loving and very fun but too big for me to walk and absolutely out of control! They would jump on me and knock me down. They had no respect or manners…   Read more »

We are so thankful and highly recommend!

Wyatt was so excited to see K just after the small amount she worked with him during our first visit. It was so comforting knowing that our fur baby was having a good time but most importantly was learning obedience! This was one of the best decisions we’ve made and we can’t believe what a…   Read more »

I HIGHLY recommend Zenergy Dog training!

I am so thankful for Kalanit! Without her help, my unruly rescue hound would’ve ended up jumping from home to home. She helped us bond as a family and taught him that we can all live together happily, in a safe environment! He is no longer a crazy, unruly, cocky hound dog. He is now…   Read more »